Illustrationen für eine Petition von Hard To Port

Ich durfte mehrere Illustrationen für ein neues Projekt von Hard To Port erstellen, dessen Kernstück eine wichtige Online-Petition ist, die dabei helfen kann den Walfang auf Island zu beenden:  „Whaling Transparency – Appeal for the release of Icelandic fin whaling footage.“

Hier geht es zur Petition:


Iceland’s commercial whale hunt is one of the most controversial exploitations of marine wildlife today. In recent years, the voices of those who are calling for an end to the unethical and economically questionable killing of these majestic animals have grown louder both in Iceland and internationally.
Efforts to rally even more support for the call to end the commercial killing of whales in Iceland have been hampered by the lack of transparency  around the most gruesome part of the whole hunt: the killing operations that take place far off the Icelandic coast.
In spite of the whalers‘ best efforts to shield their operations from public scrutiny, during the 2022 whaling season marine animal welfare organizations were able to document several irregularities that cast serious doubt on the claim that the massive animals are killed in a “humane” manner.
The Icelandic Government has responded to these incidents and the international publicity they have received with a pledge for more oversight and transparency.
Although the actions of the Icelandic Government are a welcome first step, we believe that they don’t go far enough.
In particular, we believe that until the Icelandic Government allows unrestricted access to the footage of the killing operations, the pledge for transparency rings hollow. The public has an interest in real transparency, especially when it comes to controversial issues like the widely criticized Icelandic whale hunt. We, therefore, demand that the Icelandic Government release all existing footage and consider allowing independent monitoring of Iceland’s commercial whaling operations.